Zoning In On Safety – LED Lighting In Your Bathroom

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Before you go crazy installing that chandelier in the shower unit, it might be wise to read up about electrical safety in the bathroom!

Did you know that your bathroom was divided up into separate zones, each to denote the type of bulb that you could use there?

The good news is that badkamer spotjes are specially designed LED lighting for the bathroom, but care still must be taken to match each individual LED inbouwspot badkamer to the relevant zone in your bathroom.

This is because there is an IP rating given to each kind of light fitting and it will differ depending on the humidity, splash factor and other types of interference that your light might have to encounter in each specific location.


This would include literally the inside of your shower unit – so it is as wet as it can possibly get!

You can also fit some types of bathroom spots actually inside the bath itself – but you do need to check very carefully to make sure that these comply with the safety standards.

As you may imagine, these lights have to be incredibly water safe and be able to withstand complete immersion.

We would hope that you were not thinking of installing just any old lighting in there. In fact, it needs to be an LED fitting with a very low voltage and a rating of IP 67 as a bare minimum.

Not every type of badkamer spotjes or inbouwspots buiten online will be suitable to go inside the shower tray or other zone 0 areas in your home – so do make sure that you check before installing them!


Zone 1 is the area that is above the shower and the bath and it extends up to 2.25 meters from the ground level.

Lighting in this zone needs to be a minimum of an IP 44.

This would mean that your inbouwspots LED are able to withstand water and spray that might be incoming from the shower head or the bath taps.

These badkamer LED inbouwspots still need careful selecting, but you might have more to choose from than you realise, especially if you look at the whole range of badkamer LED spots.


Zone two is the area that is largely outside of the major sources of water – so not directly inside the bath or the shower units themselves.

But these are areas which may still get wet and need to be able to deal with heat and humidity, as well as stray droplets of water.

Zone two may be your bathroom mirror, for example. But this could depend on the size of your bathroom.

Some bathrooms are so tiny that they never extend outside of a zone one.

To check, you will need to measure 0.6 meters from the edges of your bath or shower and then up to 2.25 meters from the floor.

Like zone one, the lowest IP rating that can be used in this area is an IP 44.


Once again, some bathrooms may be so small that they do not have an area which is classed as being outside of the IP ratings.

But if your room has the space, then you can install pretty much any lighting type that you like in this area.

This is a space which is completely free from any spray, drops of water or excess humidity.

It is usually the ‘main’ overhead light which would be installed outside of the IP zones.

If you wanted to install a showpiece pendant light, this might be the place to install it safely.