Understanding the Importance of PBN Links for Niche Sites

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Running a small niche site seems like a very good option now, as Google is benevolent to them. Usually, you won’t have issues with competition there. But if you actually look, beating “big guys” like Amazon or other big stores becomes next to impossible if you go with standard techniques.

That is why people turn to a done for you PBN service, knowing that the majority of practices (creating many niche sites and choosing the strongest, creating 2-3 authority sites, creating sites people will have to go back to for services) don’t work as well.

However, if you run a test and find a niche site ranking #1 or #2 for their targeted keyword, you should know it’s PBN network they are using. If you’re doubting, choose a keyword in our niche or google best air conditioners and check niche sites with Ahrefs or Moz. Another option for those niche sites is to buy relevant backlinks from other sites. But that works similarly, so let’s focus on PBNs instead.

As an owner of a niche site, you have to be especially scrupulous when it comes to opportunities. Growing and expanding your site, getting additional links is crucial, but doing it is also hard. Some people choose to get PBN links for sale and then pay monthly for maintenance of those links. That works, but it’s more on the expensive side. Also, investing in new packages of links will be even costlier, so you can end up in deficit.

You could also create your own network and start creating links yourself. If you do that, you have to remember that you shouldn’t post more than 2 links to your money site from one domain (otherwise you’re risking becoming a target for Google). So, if you decide to build a PBN, you’d have to create more than 2-3 sites.

It’s hard to tell how many links you actually need to rank on the first or second page. The number is different for everyone. Typically, people need anywhere from 14 to 27 links. The difference is quite big. Also, when you’re setting up your separate PBN, you have to understand how you will use it.

Some people have more than 1 money site, and they link out to both. That pays off well enough, but it’s also plenty of risks. You could also sell links to other sites and earn extra money with that. There are risks coming with that option too, like, you don’t know what a person is going to do with that site, so you could be linking to a scam site. If you want to make a safe bet, you could require a guarantee of some sort.

You could create different sites not connected thematically with your money site, but if a post where you place your link is on topic and the content surrounding a link is relevant, that will do. If you have sites on the different topic, you won’t have problems finding other people who need links.

Remember that PBN links can be of huge help for niche sites. That is practically the only way for small sites to rank higher than their large and well-known competitors. Creating your own PBN is also cheaper than renting links from other sites. And if you worry that the building process is too hard, you can always turn to a PBN setup service.

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