7 Mistakes You’re Still Making with Your PPC Ads

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If you’re a small business owner, reaching out online and targeting new audiences via the Internet is crucial for you. One of those most effective tools is PPC (pay per click) advertising. Different marketing agencies in Cardiff recommend it as a way to reach out while not spending too much. As you’re only paying per a click, you will be in control of your expenditures.

While this seems easy and logical, many people still continue making these mistakes that are killing their PPC strategy:

  1. No geographic data for your PPC campaign.
    Let’s say you’re a Bichon Frise vet doctor (no, there is no such thing) in Cardiff. Your local Cardiff SEO company might recommend you use PPC to promote yourself. But if you’re only targeting a “Bichon Frise vet”, you’re not doing it right. Including geographical location in your keyword AND in location settings (e.g. radius around your business) will help you focus your campaign and make it more profitable.
  2. Running your PPC strategy without pre-testing.
    Practically every company that works with SEO Wales offers pre-testing now. That will help you determine which keywords you want to use, how broad your campaign should be, etc. Dumping your whole budget into one-two keyword combinations without pre-testing them first is… well, just dumping your money.
  3. Sending visitors to your homepage.
    So, imagine that you’re looking for a specific shampoo, but when you’re clicking on an ad, you’re taken to site’s home page, where you obviously don’t see that shampoo. Now you either have to scroll and look for it or quit. Most people quit and look somewhere else, but for some weird reason, PPC marketers still make this mistake.
  4. Sending visitors to a directory.
    If you have an online store, you have to ensure that specific ads targeting specific keywords (like in an example with shampoos) will take a lead to that product’s page. No one wants to go through that directory.
  5. No visible call to action.
    That is more than just psychology stuff, that also can be quite useful. When you’re adding that big “Buy Now” or “Download Now” button, you’re helping people who want to buy your goods. It also makes sense to make it big, colorful. It’s like an attention-getter that will light up a bubble in your lead’s head, calling “Get it. Now”.
  6. Hoping for “broad match”.
    No one wants to lose money paying for people that never actually become clients, right? Then it’s a pure mystery why PPC marketers still are heavily relying on those “broad” ads, which allow your ad to show up for every possible keyword match. That’s a waste of money.
  7. Ignoring negative keywords.
    Those will narrow down your potential audience, yes, but they will also help you get real clients. When you’re using negative keywords, you’re increasing your chances to be noticed by the right people.

Quick note, if you are simply hiring https://www.gifford.uk.com/, you are not protecting yourself from those mistakes. Many experienced people who are involved with PPC management Cardiff make those. If you see that your PPC is somehow not bringing you any positive results over a long period of time, don’t just ditch it. Maybe you have to talk about it with your employee.