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The Brazilian P.1 variant can escape neutralization by a number of monoclonal antibodies antibodies with epitopes away from the mutated RBD residues retain broad neutralization.
The S309/AZD1061/REGN10987/ADG10/ADG20/ADG30 showed little to no reduction in neutralization activity across the 3 variants, Brazilian, Uk British, consistent with their previously described larege spectrum neutralizing activities across clade I sarbecoviruses made available under aCC-BY>
Different is the B.1.351, neutralization of P.1 does not show such a substantial reduction by human polyclonal serum induced by natural infection or vaccination and there is no evidence of widespread escape. Despite the reduction in neutralization titres it is hoped that immunization with the Moderna or Asta Zeneca vaccine designed against parent/ancestral strains will provide protection from P.1.

Neutralizing Antibody Genprice offered the Elisa test kits to measure the protection against the P.1 Brazilian strain.