100 Magnetic Total RNA Extraction Kit

Nucleic Acid Extraction or Purification Kit (Magnetic Bead Method) Description:

The humanized prepackaged design reduces manual operation and nucleic acid purification of 32 samples can be completed in as little as 25 minutes to obtain high-quality nucleic acid.

Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit Specification: 48T (Prepackaged)

Principle: magnetic bead method

After the sample cells containing the target nucleic acid are lysed by the lysate in the binding buffer, the magnetic beads and nucleic acid molecules are specifically identified and efficiently combined.

The magnetic separator is used to gather the magnetic beads in the tube sleeve and then the impurities are removed by the rinsing solution. The nucleic acid combined with the magnetic beads dissolves in the eluent and can be extracted, purified, concentrated or diluted.

Sample types: whole blood, serum, plasma, puncture fluid, pharyngeal swab, genital tract swab, urine, faeces, sputum, bacterial culture, amniotic fluid, bloodstains, tuberculosis, etc.

Intended use: Extraction, enrichment, purification of nucleic acid. Processed products can be applied in vitro clinical detection.

Product Yield: The CT value of nucleic acid extracted with this reagent could be compared to the CT value of similar products by quantitative fluorescence PCR.

Sample capacity: 20-200 μL

Experiment time: 25 min

Sensitivity:> 95%

Accuracy: CV <5%